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Grace Moore Kimata Grief Support Center



The primary purpose of the Grace Moore Kimata Center is to provide a healing environment for individuals, couples and families who are experiencing grief and especially if they have suffered the loss of a loved one. It will serve as an outlet for the grief sufferer/bereaved to participate in compassionate conversations with others who have suffered the same experiences, provide access to educationally therapeutic materials, and receive counseling and psychotherapy services to allow the bereaved to move through the stages of grief.


To provide a faith based supportive counseling service initially for members and associates who are suffering from grief and especially the loss of a loved one and want a place to learn about and experience the grieving process. To learn about the grieving process as a natural process that generally follows a certain pattern.


The Grace Moore Kimata Center, lead by a licensed professional in the field of psychology, marriage and family therapy or social work shall be implemented as the base component of the Center. Professionals involved will be paid at market rates to be researched and verified by the Board of Directors.

The therapist will help a client to move through the stages of grieving in a relational context along with a supportive and educational process ending with a healthy acceptance as the end product.

Grieving occurs best in the context of supportive relationships. Group discussions provide a safe, nurturing, educational, and comforting atmosphere under which the healing process is facilitated.

If there are only a few clients, initial counseling will be conducted by the minister of Wahiawa United Methodist Church. As the need dictates, the minister can recommend professional help through the Board of Directors of the Grace Moore Kimata Center.

If there are between 4-8 people in need at any one point in time, closed support groups can be created.

If the need grows to 8-20 clients, smaller groups can be formed rather than having large less intimate groups.

If the need grows beyond 20 people, seminar type programs can be implemented.

The Center will initially provide educational and consultative opportunities for the members, associates, and clergy of the Wahiawa United Methodist Church. A grief information library and resource center will be created. A library of reputable books and writings on the subject of grieving, bereavement and related topics such as depression and boundaries shall be created and maintained. The resource center should contain cassette tapes, handouts, and other pamphlet type of readings that can be provided to clients, and a list of professional Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and Psychiatrists.

The area of coverage will expand to encompass the Wahiawa community as the financial resources of the Center increases through further donations and income generated through investments. Center sponsored community seminars can be held to increase the awareness of the public on matters of grieving and healing.


Paul Kimata, after the passing of his wife Grace Moore Kimata, received grief counseling from Reverend Hidemi Ito and it helped him through his grief. Out of gratitude and a recognition for a need, Paul Kimata donated his life insurance policy to the Wahiawa United Methodist Church to establish a grief support and recovery center in memory of his wife. Grace was the primary beneficiary of his life insurance policy. At Paul Kimata's request, the ownership of the policy was transferred to Wahiawa United Methodist Church by Merrill Lynch. Subsequently the Board of Directors of the Grace Moore Kimata Center, which was approved by the Administrative Council meeting on May 20, 2002, was officially announced. The Board of Directors consists of:

  • James Higa -- Chairperson
  • Paul Misaka -- Secretary
  • Clarence Kanja -- Treasurer
  • Reverend Jessica Kawamura -- Minister, Wahiawa United Methodist Church
  • Florence Maruyama -- Registered Nurse
  • Dr. Brian Misaka -- Consulting Psychologist
  • Dr. Leo Pascua -- Medical Doctor

The Board of Directors will:

  • Determine the mission and purpose of the Center
  • Establish the scope of the Center
  • Develop goals of the Center
  • Oversee the activities of the Center
  • Create rules and regulations regarding operational matters
  • Financial matters
  • Legal matters
  • Administrative matters
  • Establish relationships with associated organizations for cooperative activities
  • Determine clientele eligible for services

The Grace Moore Kimata Center envisions itself as a major resource for clergy and laity in assisting clients in overcoming grief and especially over the loss of a loved one.


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