A Way to Receive God's Blessings
4 October 2017

Matthew 14:17-21

One day, around this time of last year, Mary and I hiked to Kaena Point, Waialua. When we were walking, it suddenly started to rain. Luckily, we had an umbrella. We found out that there was a young couple who were walking ahead of us didn't have an umbrella. The couple had a little girl and she looked about 3 or 4 years old. The father was carrying her on his shoulders. As you know, the Kaena Point hiking course is a beach road where there is no a place to hide from rains or the sun. We were worried about the little girl catching a cold because of the rain. We gave our umbrella to the couple. Even though we walked about 30 minutes in the rain without an umbrella and got wet, we were happy and thankful because we helped the little girl with our umbrella.

Giving and sharing our things with others is a very good and beautiful thing. I believe that when we share our things with others, we can experience God giving us many good things in our lives.

In today's scripture, we see the miracle where Jesus fed over 20,000 people with 2 fish and 5 loaves. When we read the miracle of this story, we feel that one word comes to our mind. The word 'sharing' lies in the whole story. We find that this miracle could occur because the people shared food with each other. When people were hungry, a little boy brought his lunch to the disciples. The boy didn't eat his lunch alone. He wanted to share it with the people. When Jesus received it, he gave thanks to God. After the prayer, he gave the food to his disciples and told them to share it with the people. Jesus didn't eat it alone. The disciples didn't eat alone either. When the disciples broke the bread, and shared the little pieces with the people, a miracle occurred. Everyone ate and they were satisfied and there were 12 baskets left.

What can we learn from this miracle? It is not that the people shared food with each other because they had enough food. It is that even though the food was insufficient for everyone to eat together, they shared it and it caused the miracle to occur.

Some of you probably think that you will share your things with others when you save enough money. If you have this kind of attitude, I think that you will not be able to share your things with others until you die. Do you have little things and do you think that they are insufficient? But when you choose to share your things with others, you can soon experience God giving you good things in your life.

During the time of the Prophet Elijah, Sidon didn't have any rain for three and a half years. Many people in Sidon suffered from hunger. One day, God told Elijah to go to a particular widow's house in Sidon. There were many houses in that town, but God told Elijah to go to that widow's house. Why? I think that she had a faith in God that others didn't have. Elijah went to the widow's house and stayed there. The widow had only one son. They had only few flour and oil and those things were the last food for them. They thought that they would starve and die after they ate that last bit of food. Elijah asked her to give him some food. Since he was a man of God, the widow and her son decided to give their last food to him. When they shared their food, a miracle occurred. As they used the oil and flour, the jars of oil and flour were constantly refilled. The miracle occurred when the widow and her son shared.

My beloved brothers and sisters. You must know that God always wants to bless you but receiving his blessings depends on your choice. Luke 6:38 talks about the principle of receiving God's blessings. Let us read it all together. "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." One of the ways to receive God's blessings is that we must first give and share our things with others. Then God gives us good things in our lives. He pours his blessings into your lap. Do you feel like you have not received God's blessings yet? Why? It is because you are probably greedy and you have not shared your things with others.

Mr. Clarence Kanja now lives in a plaza in Pearl City and he can't come to church. When he lived in Wahiawa, he came to my house, the church parsonage, several times to give some fruits. He gave us bananas and Lychees. When we were not at home, he put them at the door. When we ate those fruits, we were very thankful for his sharing heart and we prayed for him. He has a heart to share his things with others.

When I first came to the U.S, I served a very small church. I studied during the day and taught the community people music from 5pm to 7pm two times during the week. I shared my music talents with people. One day, a mid-aged man came to me and asked me to teach him how to play guitar. He said that he was attending a small church and he wanted to lead worship songs with a guitar during the worship service because no one did it. He had two jobs. He worked at a factory from 9am to 7pm and also worked at a building as a custodian from 10:30pm to 1am. He had many children and his family was poor. He said that he came back home from the factory at 7pm and he asked me if I could teach him guitar from 9pm to 10pm. I couldn't reject his request because he wanted to serve God at a small church. I taught him guitar 8 months and he was able to play most worship songs. After the last guitar lesson, he gave me 100 dollars as an appreciation. I knew that he was poor and I rejected the money. But he was very persistent so I told him that I would accept the money and that I would use the money to buy pizza for my music lessons children. He was happy and allowed me to do it. I shared the money with my students.

Recently, I got a phone call from him. He said that he called me because he recently thought about me and was thankful for me for teaching him how to play the guitar. He said that his family members were doing well and the church he now serves has grown a lot. He said that he often thinks about me and prays for me. I was happy and thankful when I heard those words. One day, when I prayed, I suddenly realized that God has blessed my life with many good things. I felt like that the Holy Spirit was telling me, "David, God has blessed you because you have shared my talents, time and money with others and people pray for you." When I felt that, I began to cry.

My beloved brothers and sisters. Do you think that you have little things and that they are insufficient for you? Do you want to be blessed with good things by God? Then you need to begin to share your things with others. It is a way to receive God's blessings in your life.


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