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Pastor David's Page


May 2017

Pastor David and Mary Choi

Last Sunday, our church had a Membership Sunday. 6 families became part of our church. During the past 6 weeks, I was busy a little bit due to preparing for baptism, confirmation, and membership classes. I was joyful and had a thankful heart during these 6 weeks because these members now became one of us and got to know about the UMC's system and doctrine. Our new members will also join our church committees and diligently serve at our church. Please encourage and pray for our new members, so that they will continue to grow in faith.

On Easter Sunday, our church hosted an Easter Egg Hunt. Around 30 children participated, and teachers, volunteers, and Outreach Committee members worked really hard for the event and provided the luncheon. As our children ran around the grass looking for eggs with big smiles, I began to think about heaven. Of course, heaven is beyond our expectations and imaginations, but seeing our church's children run around in the grass made me think about what heaven is like. Jesus really liked children. I believe that He is joyful and smiling big as he watches our children every Sunday. I believe that there is no bigger investment than the one in our church's children and younger people; it is a long-term investment. If we endure, persevere, and constantly invest in our younger generation, our church will see the fruit of our efforts in the future. We are planning to have a Scholarship Ceremony in May, and followed by VBS and Youth Group retreat. Please support through special offerings or food and pray for these events.

Next Sunday is the Mother's Day Sunday. This day is for appreciating our mothers' love and sacrifice. Around 70% of our church members are women, and most of them are mothers. They have always sacrificed for their families, and they still work hard to this day. I think the reason our church can take on so many works is due to these accomplished mothers' dedication and works. Mrs. Lily Maeda who has passed away last week was essentially the mother of our church. The memorial service will be held on Friday, May 26th, 10 am, at Makai Chapel, Mililani Cemetery. The viewing will begin at 10 am. Please come and comfort her family if you are available. Even though she was past 90 years old, I remember seeing her standing up and serving our members' tables at the Aloha Reception just last month, and it really touched my heart. She was our role model for mothers and how to sacrifice for others, and we have learned a lot from watching her. Every week at the Aloha Reception, mostly our church's women are serving us. However, the men will host and serve at the Aloha Reception next week. Next Sunday will be celebrating the mothers, and it will be a meaningful time of appreciating their efforts. I hope that all of you will come out and share the joy and thanksgiving.

I pray that the month of May will be filled with God's love, grace, and blessings in your homes, workplaces, and endeavors.

Rev. Dr. David Choi


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